A delighted 12th man winner


12th man 2014-15

Pictured above is KHIST 12th man winner Mr. Richard Faloon and Kidderminster Harriers manager Gary Whild. Also pictured is Richard’s 8 year old grandson Ellis. A lovely day which they both enjoyed very much. Below is what Richard had to say about his experience so far:-

I was very pleased to hear my name drawn out of the hat for the Harriers 12th man.  This is a prize that, literally, money cannot buy.
I first starting watching Harriers in the early 1970’s and have regularly attended matches at Aggborough since that time, apart from spells when I lived outside the area.  I have many happy memories during those years.  Highlights would be the 1987 FA Trophy final replay at The Hawthorns, the FA Cup matches against Birmingham and West Ham in 1993/94, the 2000 promotion under Jan Molby and the Wolves FA Cup matches and most recently the games at Peterborough and Sunderland.
My favourite player would be Kim Casey.  To those who never saw him, it is hard to describe how good he was, but every time he picked up the ball in or near the penalty box there was a sense of excitement.  A belief that something special would happen.  And it usually did.  He scored 73 goals in one season.
I am trying to pass on my enthusiasm for the Harriers to my 8 year old grandson.  At the moment, and, fingers crossed…successfully.