A message for new KHIST members

We are delighted to have had a significant influx of new registrations and have much pleasure in welcoming everyone to KHIST membership.

If you have not elected to receive confirmation letters / membership cards by post, we ask you to collect these at the next home match. It seems however, that unless there’s a re-arrangement of a fixture, there’ll be no home matches until 26th October (Kings Lynn Town), so if you should want to receive your cards in the meantime, please contact us by email at admin@khist.org.uk.

If you are happy to wait for the next home match, you can collect your cards from one of the KHIST tables, situated inside the North Stand turnstiles or at the home end of the East Stand, where we’ll be pleased to respond to your questions and/or concerns or simply have a chat. You can also contact us at the above email address, if you prefer.

In the meantime, please make a point of visiting our website at www.khist.org.uk for information and news. As a member, you will be given access to the password protected area, to read sensitive articles such as minutes of meetings, statements and items unsuited for posting in an open forum.

Since 2003, the importance of strong fans’ representation at Kidderminster has been unquestionable. It’s well known that, without KHIST leadership and the support of the community, it’s unlikely we would now have a football club to support. We are stronger together !

Thank you for your support !