A plea from Kettering Town FC…

We have received an email today from Kettering Town FC of a desperate plea for help, which you may have seen elsewhere on the web today.

The email is asking for people to sign a petition, raise publicity by spreading the word by email, forums, facebook, twitter, etc and lastly to apply pressure to the company (valued at £60m) to pay the money they owe.

The email they have sent reads as follows:-

Kettering Town FC have still not received over £200,000 in outstanding sponsorship from DRC Locums – overdue since last year.

As a result our players and suppliers have not been paid and many people are being evicted from their homes. The club faces a winding up petition on 6th February and after 140yrs history the club could be liquidated.

If you have the opportunity please:

1. Sign the online petition urging DRC Locums to make payment:



2. Forward this email to your friends, work colleagues and other football lovers and/or

3. Post a thread on your fans forum and/or

4. Paste to facebook/twitter

5. Call DRC Locums on 01908 545999 and ask why a £60m company is not paying their debt

Many thanks in advance for your assistance. It may help save our club.

This email comes following an article on the Kettering Town FC Official Website at http://www.ketteringtownfc.co.uk/story.php?story_id=935.