Access to members’ messages – please check your membership card.

Over the past few days, we have been contacted by several members who have been unable to access the password protected, members’ area of this website.  Having investigated these enquiries, it’s been established that they were unaware their memberships fell due for renewal on 1st September.

We do not terminate KHIST memberships, at least until we have completed our renewals campaign (sometime hence), but access to the protected area is automatically discontinued for anyone who has not confirmed their intention to remain with KHIST and paid the nominal fee. Can we please, therefore, ask all members to check if their membership card shows an expired date and, if so , to renew as soon as possible.

You can elect for a 5 year membership (£4 fee) on this website or contact a KHIST board member, who will offer the 5 year option or, additionally, 1 year (£1 fee) or 10 years (£7 fee). Those attending Saturday’s AGM will have the opportunity to renew before or after the proceedings.

Access to the members area of the website will be automatically reinstated once payment has been processed.

Many thanks for your continued support !