Asset of Community Value

KHIST are delighted to announce that the trusts application to register Aggborough Stadium and surrounding areas including the carpark and Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters Club as an asset of community value has been approved and ratified by Wyre Forest District Council.

The application was ratified earlier this month meaning the stadium will now show as an asset of value to the local community for five years until June 18 2029.

During this five-year period the owner will need to notify the district Council if the assets used are to be sold or leased for longer than 25 years.
The council then inform a wide range of people, including the original nominator and the local parish council, who will be given a six week period in which to decide whether or not they want to make a bid for the asset.
If no bids are received the owner may continue with the sale of the assets. If within the six weeks a local community group states they wish to be considered as a potential bidder, they will be given six months to put together a viable bid. This is known as the full moratorium period. Both moratorium periods start from the date the owner of the asset notified the local authority of their intention to sell. The owner of the Asset will only be able to sell the property to someone other than a community group, when the full six months moratorium period has passed.
At the end of the six-month period the owner is free to decide who may wish to sell. Full details of the restrictions and exceptions we would ask our members to visit the local councils website and click onto the community right to bid feature.

KHIST would like to sincerely thank both Stuart Walstrom, for his hard work with the application and also Caroline Newlands,- Solicitor to Wyre Forest district council for her time and professionalism over the last six weeks.

KHIST would also like to thank our members for their messages of support with our application.

Warwick Nash – KHIST head of communications

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