Cover the Pitch

Do you have a pocket full of 5 pence pieces that hide down in the furthest corners amongst the little balls of fluff and a blob of last weeks half chewed Wrigley’s?

If you have then KHIST have come up with a brilliant idea to use that loose change to help the club.

Cover a virtual Aggborough pitch with 5p’s!

The pitch is now divided into 50 individual squares with each square being worth £1000. That makes the total pitch value at £50,000.

At selected home games as advertised on the Harriers official website, we will have collectors stationed around the entrances to the ground before kick-off. Typically, in front of the Club Shop, by the North Stand turnstiles and by the East Stand turnstiles.

Next day the virtual pitch below will be updated to reflect the amount raised so far.

£1000 is a big sum to raise let alone £50,000 so to make it look like there is something happening on the virtual pitch we will highlight each £1,000 square as we enter it (a round sum total toward achieving that square will be displayed).

So start collecting your 5p’s during the week and hand them to our collectors before, during or after the game. When we finally reach our target, or a substantial part of it, then we’ll ballot the KHIST membership to decide what to do with it.

In addition to the 5p’s, any donations received by shareholders/well wishers will be included in the campaign.

The Virtual Pitch

Current Total: £10,020

The Virtual Pitch