Red Army Fund

THE Red Army Fund is an exciting new initiative being launched by Kidderminster Harriers F.C. in conjunction with its Fans Trust and the ordinary fan in the stands.

A ‘grassroots’ initiative, instigated and organised by the fans themselves, the fund has the potential to transform the relationship between Kidderminster Harriers Football Club, its supporters and the wider community.

The aims of the fund are quite simple – to raise money to improve the quality of the team on the pitch.

Whether it be by funding a loan player’s wages or paying the transfer fee for a new signing, the Red Army Fund gives YOU THE FAN the chance to directly affect the quality of the team you see on the pitch. Think about it – we all know how two or three key players can turn around a team’s season and YOU could have a direct impact on Kidderminster’s push for promotion next season.

Just think of the impact WE could have – a better squad means better performances and better results (surely we all want that scenario), which brings in bigger crowds and so improves the club’s revenue, leading to an even bigger player budget. If we all pull together to support this fund, we could not only turn round the performances on the pitch, but also help give the club a more stable financial footing to secure its future. Not a bad return for a one off donation or a monthly commitment of just a few pounds.

To sign up for a monthly contribution, please fill out the form by clicking the link below. If you have any questions about the fund, please check our Questions and Answers section or, if you want to know the full details of the terms of the scheme we have posted the full text of the Terms and Conditions negotiated between the club and KHIST to establish the scheme. These can be seen below.

You can also make donations to the Red Army Fund by your credit/debit card through our secure PayPal online payments system. Please click the relevant buttons on this page.

Download the Terms & Conditions

 Red Army Standing Order

Important Information

Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters Society, known as KHIST, is an Industrial and Provident Society registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965 – 78.

All reference to KHIST or the Fans Trust on this document / site are to the Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters Society that holds the funds, under its rules, for the benefit of the community and not in trust for its members.

‘KHFC Red Army Fund’ – Important Questions and Answers

So, what is the Red Army Fund?

The Red Army Fund is a fund set up by KHIST and the club, to help pay for new players for Kidderminster Harriers Football Club. It is a supporter’s initiative to enable supporters to make a direct contribution to improving the quality of the team we all watch on the pitch, by donating regular affordable amounts to a fund to be used at the manager’s discretion to strengthen the squad.

This may mean paying all or part of a player’s wages, funding a loan signing, or paying the transfer fee for a player the club couldn’t otherwise afford. However the money is used, you can be assured your contribution is going directly to improving the team.

How will it work?

When the manager identifies a player he believes will improve the quality of the squad, he can approach the fund management committee for money to pay all or part of the player’s wages or any transfer fees. The fund will NOT pay money to agents, lawyers or any ‘third parties’ involved in any deal.

Who runs the fund?

The fund will be run by a management committee consisting of persons nominated by the Fans Trust, the club manager, a representative from the club or its board, and a fund treasurer who will be responsible for presenting accounts annually.

Do I get a say in which players are signed?

No, the purpose of the scheme is to improve the squad, not provide a ‘ fans veto’ over players. It is the manager’s job to decide which players should be signed and it is no intention of the fund to undermine this. If anything else, the whole scheme would be unworkable if everyone had a say in new signings – we’d never agree and end up signing no-one!

Will It Work?

Can this fund make a difference? Just ask the fans of Wrexham and Swindon Town. Wrexham Independent Supporters (WINS) Group set up a similar scheme in 2002. Inside the first 18 months they were celebrating promotion from Division Two to Division One.

They helped their club sign four new players by either funding the signings or paying their wages. This investment in the club made a significant contribution to their promotion push and resulted in their average attendances going up
by 10%.

Likewise, Swindon Town Supporters Trust were able to support their club in the signing of Michael Procter, who just happened to score on his debut for the club.

As the chairman of WINS was quoted at the time, “Average attendances are currently up by more than 10% on last season, and the gate at our most recent game was double that of earlier games in the season.”

“This has produced four times as much cash for the club as we have donated, which might not have been seen but for the players we have funded.

“Had we simply donated the cash to pay electricity bills, and such, would this have had a direct influence on match results or subsequent attendances?”

How do I know my money will be spent wisely?

Fans or businesses wanting to put money into their local football club have sometimes held back for fear that their money may ‘disappear into a black hole’ – e.g. being used to pay off old debts or, at some clubs, disappearing into ‘ advisers’ fees ‘.

For those fans who would rather their money went directly into improving the playing squad, the Red Army Fund provides this guarantee – all money donated is explicitly ring – fenced for improving the team, not for paying off the taxman!!

Why shouldn’t we just give money straight to the club?

Please do!! The fund is not intended to put people off participating in the club’s fundraising ventures, nor is it intended to compete with the club’s sponsorship schemes.

Instead the fund is designed for the fans or businesses who would normally donate money to the club but who would welcome the opportunity to help improve the team.

What do I get out of it?

Well obviously, we hope the main thing we’ll all get out of it will be a better team, better performances and better results! But for those of you for whom that’s not enough, fans donating more than £50 (or £5 per month by standing order) will have their name recorded on a special ‘Page of Fame’ on the Red Army website and if we can get permission from the club’s board, a special ‘Wall of Fame’ somewhere within the ground. Then everyone can see you back your team.

Sounds great! Where do I sign??

Just download & print off the form then send it to;


You can also make single donations online using your credit or debit card, through the KHIST secure PayPal payments service – click on the “PayPal Donate” for the Red Army button in the right-hand menu.

Download the Terms & Conditions

 Red Army Standing Order