Harriers Voice – message to KHIST members

We would like to thank those of you who have sent messages of support and given us ‘food for thought’ following the recent ‘harriers voice’ update.

We are, of course, aware that some of the issues you asked us to put to the club on your behalf were not acknowledged. We do assure you however, that the questions were asked.

It’s apparent that the club’s intention, going forward, is to exclude issues/questions when referred via KHIST – or any other intermediary – albeit that nearly all those considered so far have been referred via the Trust. This is unfortunate as you have appreciated the opportunity to view all the issues raised by other members, and the responses shown on our website..

As suggested by several members, we can confirm having now made another approach to persuade the KHFC board of our genuine intentions and to request that they re-consider their position, in the interests of promoting that mutually beneficial, positive relationship between KHIST – representing approximately 400 Harriers’ supporters – and our football club.

We very much hope that after consideration, the club will recognise that we are fully supportive of the intended objectives of an open, fan-friendly ‘harriers voice’ and, that we can help to achieve its success. We’ll let you know, as soon as possible, if our ‘olive branch’ has been accepted.

Many thanks for your messages and for your generous support, which is much appreciated !

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