KHIST 2020 Lottery – taking it to the next level…

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No Harriers’ fan will need reminding of the desperate financial difficulties experienced in November 2010, when a group of dedicated supporters responded to an urgent need for investment. Their idea to raise funds through a monthly draw was then effected and the KHIST 2020 Lottery was born … January will mark its 4th anniversary.

Originally, members could only join with a monthly standing order mandate but it was soon decided to grow the lottery by offering £1 cash tickets for sale to the public. The response has been fantastic … In less than four years, over £90,000 has been raised for Kidderminster Harriers Football Club.

It’s important to emphasize that ALL proceeds from the lottery are designated for Kidderminster Harriers F.C. in exchange for shares, with funding passed across to the club at the discretion of the KHIST board.

We are extremely grateful to those loyal supporters who initially took out a monthly standing order mandate and to those who have joined since. With your help we have raised a truly magnificent amount of money in support of our football club! This ongoing investment has helped the Trust to secure a supporters’ representative on the KHFC board. Indeed, we are currently negotiating for a second representative to give fans an even greater voice. We now need your help to take the lottery to the next level.

The easiest way to take part in the lottery is still by a standing order mandate. Each £1 entry entitles you to one number in the lottery, usually drawn on the 10th of each month and, you can have as many entries as you wish! There are presently 12 prizes to be won in each draw with a £500 first prize. Any Trust board member will be pleased to provide you with a mandate form or, of course, you can download one from the KHIST website.

At present, approximately 50% of lottery entries are by sales of £1 cash tickets. This is only achievable with the help of a number of dedicated Harriers’ fans who help us to sell tickets each month. We are confident however that, with some assistance, we can raise even more funds for the benefit of our club. We now want to recruit Harriers’ fans as ‘agents’ to help us grow the lottery and are proposing that, if any supporter can commit to selling a minimum of 40 tickets each month, we will allocate 15% of the proceeds towards their next KHFC season ticket. For example: the sale of 40 tickets per month would earn £72 a year towards your season ticket. That would effectively discount a north stand season ticket by 28%. More importantly, of course you would be helping your football club.

If you are interested in becoming an agent, please contact Dave Williams (07984 625848) or Dave Pountney (07872 915886 / or speak to a KHIST board member for further details.