KHIST AGM for 2012

All current members of the Supporters Trust ( ie 2011/12 members ) are encouraged to note that our Annual General Meeting is due to take place in the Harriers Social Club at 5pm on Saturday 27th October, that is immediately after the Gateshead game.

In the meantime, nominations are cordially invited for election to the Trust Board, particularly from individuals willing to commit their time and enthusiasm to the Trust’s money raising efforts and other activities designed to benefit Kidderminster Harriers and it’s supporters. If interested, please contact me on 01562 822771 or email to obtain a nomination form. This must be completed and returned to me by Saturday 15th September.

Please also note that if you wish to table a proposal for discussion at the AGM, the details will need to be submitted to me in writing or via email by Saturday 22nd September.

Martin Lewis, Secretary to the KHIST Board