KHIST Annual General Meeting 2011

49 members attended the meeting last Saturday and Mark Serrell, Club Chairman, was also present by invitation.

Highlights of the meeting included the Chairman’s Report in which Dave Pountney affirmed that a great deal had been achieved in the last 12 months including a doubling of membership to over 700, raising £40,000 and playing other key roles in assisting the Club at a critical time.

The 2020 Lottery had been launched, the Player of the Month vote continued and a large increase in the Junior Supporters Club attained.

This report and that of Steve Millington, the Treasurer, were approved unanimously and it was noted that Karl Davies, Laura Harper, Martin Lewis, Steve Millington, Jonathan Smith, John Wagstaff and David Williams had been appointed/reappointed unopposed to the Society’s Board.

The Question and Answer session which followed the formal business allowed members to discuss Trust representation on the KHFC Board with Mark Serrell. A number of other matters were also raised and at the close Dave Pountney emphasised that the Board were always happy to receive questions and suggestions from members and, where appropriate, to take these to the Board of KHFC for their consideration.

NB. Please note that a more detailed version of this report will be available in the MEMBERS  AREA of this website shortly.