KHIST Clarification

We would like to make the undernoted points public after a recent enquiry by a non-Trust member:-

KHIST members are regularly kept informed of board decisions and actions taken on their behalf and, are generally receptive. All our board minutes and decisions are available to view online and the KHIST board received its members backing at the recent AGM.

KHIST members are actively encouraged TO SUPPORT the club and to take an interest in its future. KHIST board members are all passionate, long- term  Harriers  supporters, who have demonstrated, beyond doubt, their commitment to the future prospects of OUR football club.

KHIST has never discouraged any member from drinking elsewhere than in the social club. That is our members’ prerogative. Indeed, our board members, themselves, can often be found in the Harriers Arms. As it happens, the club’s bar sales appear to have now been handed over to ‘Green Duck’, so loyalty to our Club has now no bearing on where we spend our money.

What the Trust has actually been doing is encouraging OUR MEMBERS TO SOCIALISE WITH OTHER KHIST MEMBERS in our new Headquarters, which happens to be in the Social Club. It’s no secret as to why we were obliged to accept the hospitality of KHSSC, when facilities at KHFC were denied us back in 2017. Without the free facilities offered to us by the Social Club’s Committee, KHIST would have had nowhere to hold its meetings and functions. We continue to be most grateful to the Social Club  for their  invaluable assistance at a most difficult time and are now settled in a trusting, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Thanks for your continued support.