KHIST Members – new registrations

All Harriers supporters are entitled to apply for membership of – and be represented by – the Supporters Trust,

With effect from 1st June, we have been accepting new registrations, with three options:

• Until 31st August 2021 – £1.00 fee (Age under 16 years – £0.50)

• Until 31st August 2025 – £4.00 fee
• Until 31st August 2030 – £7.00 fee,


5 Year Memberships can be arranged online HERE

All 3 options can be requested:
• by email to *
• by post *
• or by contacting a KHIST board member.

* Application forms can be downloaded HERE


Whilst we have no football at Aggborough, we are asking applicants to please add an additional £1.00 to their payment to cover the cost of postage.

The Trust’s board has continued to maintain minimal fees so that, hopefully, no Harriers’ fans will be excluded from membership through hardship. We are however, reliant on the goodwill of our football community for the vital funding necessary to enable the Trust to achieve its ambitions – the KHIST Constitution is open to public viewing on the website. We are therefore, most grateful for contributions from members who can reasonably afford an additional donation.

Please support YOUR TRUST !

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