KHIST Members’ Newsletter

Issue 1 of our new members’ newsletter will be made available at the KHIST tables situated near the East and North Stands, prior to the F.C United match on Saturday. It’s intended that regular issues will be produced, primarily to communicate with those who do not have convenient access to the internet and have not been able to keep up-to-date with our web-postings. Distribution will NOT, however, be restricted to KHIST members.

This issue will include:-

  • KHIST board members – identified
  • The proposed reintroduction of Corporate Membership,
  • The 2018 AGM
  • Big improvements in the Social Club
  • KHIST Fans’ Team – update
  • A new board member


  • An invitation to ask your questions of KHIST and/or KHFC

The Trust is most grateful to John Davies and ‘Hire It’ for the valuable support we’ve received in planning the reintroduction of KHIST Corporate Membership. ‘Hire It’ has been a strong corporate supporter for many years, during which time our members have benefitted from discounted plant and tool hire. We are now delighted to confirm that the discount, on production of a KHIST membership card, has been increased to 15%., and our sincere thanks go to John for his most generous offer.