KHIST Representation of fans’ interests – Open Meeting

During yesterday’s KHIST board meeting, it was unanimously agreed that it’s our duty, as representatives of the fans, to make further efforts to address the very obvious lack of communication between the football club and its fanbase.
As one of the biggest shareholders, we believe the Trust should be kept informed and have been disappointed at the lack of response from the football club.
The proposed KHIST meeting with Richard Lane has not materialised and plans for a fans forum will not now proceed until a new KHFC board is fully operational, so we find ourselves in a very worrying situation:

• Our questions remain unanswered.
• The new owner has yet to agree to meet with us.
• Companies House filings regarding ownership/control have been confusing (it’s not even clear that the transfer has been completed).
• The one and only KHFC director has resigned.
• We still have no information regarding the appointment of a new board/chairman.
• John Pemberton has departed (having indicated that the club has been in administration).
• The playing squad is the weakest anyone can remember.
• Results on the pitch have been unacceptable.
• Staff morale is low.
• Loyal fans are not attending matches.
• There appears to have been little or no effort to address these problems.

Loyal fans deserve to have feedback from our football club. Our members quite understandably, expect us to be making enquiries and coming up with acceptable answers but, having made considerable efforts, we have still not been able to respond to their frustrations. In the meantime, the club’s relationship with its support base continues to deteriorate.

With these concerns, the board has arranged an open meeting to which ALL Harriers supporters will be welcomed and invited to express their views as to what should now be done on their behalf. The meeting will be held in the Members’ Lounge at the Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters Club, immediately after the Boston United match on Saturday 7th December (in the event of a postponed match, the meeting will still take place at 5.00pm).

Any questions should be addressed to