KHIST Statement

KHIST would like to make an appeal to the supporters of Kidderminster Harriers and the local community to come together and support our football club, where possible, at this very difficult time.

Having met with the club on Wednesday it remains clear that we still have some serious financial hurdles to overcome in the coming months. The current KHFC board are working extremely hard but they need help from supporters as well as the local community and businesses.

We appreciate that in the current economic climate most people have a limited amount of disposable income and already support the club in various ways but without our help the club face an uncertain future.

What can you do?

Well if you are not a KHIST member yet then now is the time to join. The cost is just £1 for Adults and 50p for under 16’s. We currently have 468 members and the larger our support the louder our voice at the club. We enjoy a close relationship with the current board and are assisting the club where possible. We welcome any questions or suggestions to the e mail address below.

We recently launched the KHIST 2020 Lottery which enjoyed a fantastic initial response and we currently have over 130 members. However we’d like to urge all supporters to please take part and contribute whatever they can afford. Most have contributed around £10 a month but you can pledge just £1 a month payable by standing order. For each pound you get one ‘chance’ in the lottery.

The first draw will take place on the 10th January but we need time to set up the mandates so if you have a form please hand it in asap. Remember that 70% of the monthly income from the lottery will go to Kidderminster Harriers with the remaining 30% given out in cash prizes. If 500 people took part contributing £10 per month then the 1st prize would be £750 but more importantly that would equate to £3500 raised towards KHFC each month and £42,000 a year!

We will soon be distributing leaflets to the local community so therefore the more Harriers fans that take part the higher the first prize and the more likely we are to attract non football supporters to the lottery.

You can download membership and lottery forms direct from our website and send them in to us or we will be inside the turnstile at Tuesday night’s important home league game with York City.

Finally we have been helping the club with the 50/50 draw and other activities. We hope that this will continue in the future in various forms and if you would like to volunteer to help the club please contact us at to register your interest.

David Pountney