Minutes Summary of meeting held at KHSSC on: 6th July 2017

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  • The meeting was attended by 5 board members.
  • The board expressed our best wishes and thanks to Phil Wright for all he has done for the Trust, as board member and Secretary.
  • The minutes of the 16th May 2017 meeting were accepted as a true account.
  • In the interests of effective use of available time, no formal agenda was adopted.
  • Bank balances remain satisfactory, despite relative summer inactivity.    
  • The urgent completion of a Trading Activity Review Form, required by the Trust’s bankers, received immediate attention.
  • The Treasurer has the preparation of Annual Accounts in hand.
  • The Secretary’s Report was deferred until the next meeting.
  • It was agreed that there will be no increase in the nominal membership fee (£1.00) for 2017/18, but that optional donations to KHIST funds will be encouraged.
  • A proposed Member Survey has been deferred for the time being.
  • The Harriers Trust football team are to be invited to contribute match reports/photos etc. to the KHIST website.
  • The KHIST 2020 Lottery has continued to receive good support throughout the Summer.
  • Some lottery prizes have been discontinued and, in response to fans’ representations, additional cash prizes are now being offered. Results of the 10th July draw will be publicised on the website and on social media, as usual.
  • We cannot commit to making KHIST contributions to every Harriers’ match day programme without some assistance. We will continue to offer occasional articles and, as in previous years, will invite members to write for the Trust.
  • Board vacancies are to be publicised individually on the website and social media.
  • The KHIST AGM is to be held at the latest by mid-October. Members are to receive notifications in good time.
  • KHIST Tribute Evening- The next event (in association with Dave Mole and Norman White) is being arranged for Friday 11th August (Freddie Mercury/Queen). This will be widely publicised. Tickets will be available online from the KHIST website. We will request donations of suitable raffle prizes.
  • The ‘12th man’ draw proved to be less popular than usual last year and this will now ‘take a break’.
  • Consideration of the proposed Womens’ Support Initiative has been delayed, at least for the time being.
  • Holiday arrangements preclude a formal meeting in August, so the next Board Meeting will be on Monday 4th September at 8.00pm.
  • The meeting was closed at 10.00 pm