New Members – extended membership

Existing single period memberships will fall due for renewal from 1st September and, of course, we are mindful that this does affect the take-up of new memberships. The board has, therefore agreed that anyone joining as a new member, in the meantime, will not have to renew this year.

New memberships after 1st May 2019 will now be extended as follows:-

  • Adults (single period) until 31st August 2020 (£1.00 fee)
  • Adults (5 year) until 31st August 2024 (£4.00 fee).
  • Adults (10 year) until 31st August 2029 (£7.00 fee)
  • Juniors (under 16 years) until 31st August 2020 (£0.50p fee)

NB. We have maintained basic fees at a nominal level for a number of years, so that no Harriers’ supporter should be excluded from membership for financial reasons. We do, however, request members who can afford to do so, to support us with additional, voluntary donations, which are much appreciated.

The Trust is particularly intent on promoting our campaign to attract young adults to KHIST membership and, in the light of current events, it’s clear that greater numbers of our football club’s fan-base are recognising the importance of supporter representation. We do believe that our existing members, with previous experience of what KHIST is all about, can assist us, simply by ‘spreading the message’.

If anyone has questions or needs support, they will be most welcome to contact KHIST board members, either directly or via our website.