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Butterfly awards

Dave and Bex

KHIST members and other Harriers fans will remember this year’s Charity Walk on Good Friday. This was successfully completed by over 50 ardent football fans, When the final group arrived at the New Bucks Stadium some 14 hours after leaving Aggborough, utterly shattered and footsore but welling with pride, they had not only succeeded in completing the 35 miles trek up the Severn Valley, but had also raised thousands of pounds in sponsorship for our chosen beneficiary Towards Tomorrow Together

Everyone involved in the Telford Walk was delighted with the public response. This was particularly so for the organisers, Dave and Bex Pountney, for whom the event had taken months of planning during a devastating time of their lives. The additional funding raised has since enabled ‘TTT’ to do so much more for parents and families suffering trauma after losing their babies in pregnancy, childbirth or early life.

Supporters will remember that Dave and Bex’s efforts, and the support they received, were in memory of their lovely daughter, Charlotte May, who was born sleeping at full term back in June 2014. Dave (who has since been appointed as the Harriers’ Commercial Manager) and Bex are long term Harriers fans who have received, and are still receiving fantastic care and support from their chosen charity.

We are delighted to have received the news that Dave and Bex have now been shortlisted for a United Kingdom ‘Butterfly Award’ in the category ‘Committed Babyloss Volunteers’ and we are hoping that as many of you as possible will now add their support for this most deserving of nomination.

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