Our appeal has attracted genuine goodwill

Congratulations are due to all those genuine football fans who supported our appeal for the Nuneaton Borough Supporters’ Co-operative, on Saturday. It’s desperate times for their football club and, once again the Kidderminster faithful have shown our goodwill in abundance.

That we were unable to persuade our club to permit the proposed ‘half-time blanket collection’ in the stadium will, of course, have had a significant effect on the takings. This was an unfortunate and unexpected problem, and we are most grateful to the Social Club for granting permission, at short notice, for us to use their premises as the location for our collection points. We now have to put the setback behind us and move on.

The Borough Supporters could not have expressed their gratitude more deeply. Their club is in desperate trouble. We are, however, assured that our donations and those of other groups around the ‘football world’, will not be wasted if the future of their club turns out to be a lost cause. The Co-operative would then use the funds to best advantage, having determined the ongoing interests of their supporters.

We at Kidderminster had our own brush with administration and possible liquidation, in 2011, when the supporters of other football clubs came to our aid. KHIST then benefitted from their most generous financial support, without which we would have no club to support today. This has been another example of non-league fans coming together in aid of other club’s supporters and we can all be very proud of what we’ve achieved.

We are delighted to confirm that we have raised the very creditable sum of £405.21p (Four hundred & five pounds, twenty-one pence) which is now being passed to our friends at Nuneaton, with our best wishes. We are also aware of a further £35 having been contributed independently by ‘harriers online’ and an anonymous donor, in direct response to our appeal.

Well done everyone ! 

We hope to meet with ‘Boro’ supporters again, in better times!