Proposed KHIST Members’ Monthly Draw

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting in September 2018, included a unanimous Resolution of all 40 attendees that the Trust should introduce a new competition to replace the 2020 Lottery, which had been ‘closed’, following the August 2018 draw.

The board has kept the timing of a new competition under constant review, as fundraising is of fundamental importance to the Trust’s ongoing ability to influence our club’s prospects and its future security. We have now agreed that the time is right for us to investigate the prospects for introducing a new competition for the 2019/20 season. Before organising this however, we have resolved to establish, so far as possible, how many of our members will support a new competition and what potential income can be expected.

  • Participants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • It’s initially proposed that a single monthly prize will be drawn, with a value not less than one-third of total receipts (after nominal expenses). This will be reviewed dependent on the level of response from members.
  • Single entries will be at £5.00, with no limit to the number of entries per member.
  • Entries will be primarily by monthly standing order, but advance payments (minimum 3 months) by cheque or cash will be accepted if offered.
  • In the event that a winning number is drawn for a member whose entry is invalid through non-payment, there will be a rollover to the following month.
  • The Trust is inviting suggestions of a title for the new competition.
  • In anticipation of this new competition the KHIST board has renewed its licence with the local authority.
  • Members are requested to follow this link to complete a brief questionnaire. A decision will then be made as quickly as possible.