Recruitment of Young Members

The Trust has recently completed its membership renewals campaign and, is now delighted to be able to confirm that, in addition to maintaining the great majority of our existing support, we have recruited 81 entirely new members. This has been a very satisfactory result and reflects, for various reasons, the ever increasing interest of genuine harriers’ supporters in the fortunes of our football club, both on and off the pitch.

It is still a fact of life that a very significant proportion of the club’s season ticket holders are of an older age group and, whilst KHIST are having success in attracting younger fans, we would very much like to build on this early success.

It does occur to us that some of our recent recruits have been persuaded to join, having been informed by existing members of what the Trust is all about and the significant role it has taken over the past 15/16 years in representing the interests of the fans. This has included involvement in the club’s successes and, of course, some disappointments. There’s been some unbelievable funding of projects, with well in excess of £200.000 having been invested but, more importantly the Trust has been prominent in securing the very existence of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club.

The importance of that representation, involvement and ambition cannot be over-estimated. That’s common knowledge amongst our longstanding members but, perhaps not so amongst the younger supporters ….. the lifeblood of the football club and therefore of KHIST. We believe this message is best communicated by ‘word of mouth’ of those who know, from experience, the importance of the role of KHIST to the ultimate future of Kidderminster Harriers.

We are therefore requesting our longer term members to consider introducing their younger friends and families to the Trust. It will be these good people who can best explain why they are KHIST members themselves, and encourage others to see why supporter representation is so important. It goes without saying that the futures of both the club and the Trust are dependent on the support of these young people.