Remote board discussions – April 2021

Remote discussions’ – unavoidably delayed – were held in lieu of the 8th April 2021 KHIST Board Meeting.

Board members involved were:  Haydn Bebb (HB), Dave Lewis (DL), Chris Wilson (CW), Warwick Nash (WN), Dave Williams (DW), Stuart Walstrom (SW), and Ian Nash (IKN).

Previous board meeting: 

The record of remote discussions held in lieu of the 4th March board meeting has been approved and has now been signed by IKN.


KHFC (incl. relationship matters)

  • Boost the Budget

It was agreed that we will write to the club to request completion of the undernoted agreements, where possible, and arrange the transfer of our pledges into next season.

£250 Donation 

Sponsor a player’s away shirt including your name / company logo displayed in match day programme & on club website, signed shirt at end of season and invite to a first team training session exclusive to sponsors – allocated randomly from players not already reserved

£300 Donation 

Sponsor a player’s home shirt including your name / company logo displayed in match day programme & on club website, signed shirt at end of season and invite to a first team training session exclusive to sponsors – allocated randomly from players not already reserved

£480 Donation 

Hospitality table of ten in the Aggborough Suite for a home league fixture including three course pre-match meal, match day programmes & EBC Group Main Stand seating.

  • 2018 Rights Issue 

It’s most unlikely that there will be any new information on this sensitive issue, whilst it’s considered by the club to be ‘commercially sensitive’. Unless there’s been a change of which we’ve not been informed, however, there remains an approximate £2M payable to the club – on demand – in respect of an underpayment for KHFC shares. KHIST has retained a file since the original Rights Issue and will await on an appropriate time to raise the question again.

  • Companies House 

The club now has 2 recorded Directors (Richard Lane and Neil Stanley). Dave Seddon’s resignation has been recorded with effect from 16th February (his actual resignation date occurred in October 2019). 

  • The Aggborough Lease 

It’s clear that continued questioning on this subject has revealed no new information.  This has been the most sensitive issue raised by members and we must keep the situation under constant review.

  • Harriers Voice 

The club will undoubtedly be aware of supporters’ real disappointment, as stressed on social media, at the initial failure of this venture to achieve its objectives. The particular points of concern have been the club’s apparent selectivity of questions it admits to having received and those it chooses to answer. Fans do not appear to have confidence that ‘harriers voice’ is fulfilling its intended purpose, which is really disappointing. It is, of course, accepted that there will be some questions unsuited to be answered in a public domain but, these can still be acknowledged with an appropriate response. The 2 updates posted to the KHFC web-site, so far, have been met with a certain cynicism which, if ‘harriers voice‘ is to achieve its desired success, must now receive further, urgent consideration.

KHIST is keen to support this venture, which we see as having the potential to re- build bridges between our football club and its fanbase. We have however, not recently forwarded any members’ questions to the club pending reconsideration of the club’s stated intention that “questions received on behalf of others or from any other avenue will not be included”. It may take time for the genuine interests of the club’s loyal fan-base to be fully recognised. We do believe however that with improved communications, it will become clear that football fans are not just customers and that our perception of our club is much more than that of a business venture.

We are now very pleased to be able to confirm members’/ supporters’ questions, concerns, observations suggestions etc directed to ‘harriers voice’ via KHIST  will now be accepted. As previously suggested, KHIST will ‘share’ these with other members and record the responses received from the club. We will not identify the questioners without their express approval.

We are now requesting members to give ‘harriers voice’ a chance and continue to share your direct questions / answers with other members.

Members /Supporters questions

  • Did KHFC get involved in the recent demand for an EGM of the National League and, if so what benefits – if any- have been achieved or are expected?
  • Will the club be agreeing to the return of season ticket monies for 2020/21 and will possible alternatives be offered? These are the most frequent questions received from the fans.

Note: We have previously agreed that the club will need time to determine how it will despatch its legal obligations and it does seem pointless to keep asking the same question with the same responses. There will undoubtedly be a close eye kept on the marketing of season tickets for 2021/22 and decisions may well be difficult ones. Nevertheless, there are numbers of supporters feeling let down by the lack of communication, so we hope the situation can be satisfactorily rectified with the minimum of delay. We will keep it under review.

  • End of the season –

The general attitude of KHIST members appears to be that common sense has prevailed and we can now look forward to a good pre-season.

Treasurers’ Report

  • The accounts for the period ending 31st January were circulated for approval some time ago. Those for February are being prepared but financial activity remains minimal.
  • Arrangements of additional signatories for bank accounts have still to be reviewed

 The KHIST Members’ Draw.

  • The latest draw was held on Saturday 27th March.
  • All existing standing order payments were received but 2 numbers purchased prior to the Festive Draw have not been renewed.
  • KHIST are continuing to guarantee a basic £300.00 prize pot.
  • The lucky winners were later identified as follows:

                                         1st prize £220.00 – number 090 – Richard Calam

                                        2nd prize £ 80.00 – number 015 – Haydn Bebb*  

                                         3rd prize £ 60.00 – number 086 – Paul Siviter*

                                         4th prize  £40.00 – number 045 – Richard Matthews 

* We are most grateful to Haydn Bebb and Paul Siviter for donating half of their winnings to the Trust. Many thanks for this generous support!

  • The next draw is presently planned for 2.00pm on Saturday, 24th April when the prize pot will again include donations received following the February draw.

  • Members will, once again be reminded that they can now arrange entries to the draw via the KHIST Online Shop – £15 buys 1 entry per month for 3 months.
  • With growing optimism of a relaxation of lockdown regulations, we are looking forward to reintroducing the monthly draws in public.

Miscellaneous matters.

  • WN has suggested that the Trust might be able to consider arranging a fundraising event with a strong charitable bias, for later in the year – perhaps a ‘legends evening’? This suggestion received good support but we don’t have much idea as to how much of our volunteer base will remain after Covid-19. The idea has been put on the back- burner for the time being
  • Further donations for the Kidderminster Foodbank can still be accepted via the online shop.
  • The board has been pleased that online comments relating to KHIST continue, in the main, to be positive We welcome communications at from any Harriers’ supporters who may be considering joining the Trust. Fans can conveniently arrange KHIST memberships at

Next Meeting 

Remote discussions will again be arranged in lieu of the 6th May meeting. Future arrangements will be subject to the easing of the coronavirus lockdown.











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