Signs of optimism

KHIST has not, until now contributed to the boost the budget appeal, as we have been in ongoing discussions with our football club, with the objective of rekindling a truly positive and mutually acceptable relationship, which will enhance our members practical and financial support for the club, whilst achieving the longstanding objectives of the KHIST Constitution.  

We are still having talks and have met as recently as last Tuesday, when there were real signs that a positive outcome could well be imminent. Pending further communication and agreement over the next few days and weeks, however, we are not yet in a position to commit to our preferred option of making a direct investment in KHFC in line with the Constitution. With the campaign closing on Tuesday and in recognition of the progress of talks however, we have decided that a gesture of our goodwill is now appropriate and we have today made £1,030 of pledges to the ‘boost the budget’ appeal.  

We have elected to choose a hospitality package for 10 in return for one of the pledges. In due course we intend that these places will be offered to KHIST members – details of the allocation process will be advised at a later date. 

We are now hopeful that an agreement with the football club will be concluded in the near future, enabling the Trust to invest funds from time to time,, on behalf of our members, whilst complying with the constitutional requirements.

Members will understand that the delay in our response to the club’s appeal has been unavoidable, Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to move on together !  

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  1. says:

    This is great news IAN. Any thanks to you and the KHIST committee for your persistence. – JERRY

  2. Ian Blackband says:

    SEASON TICTETS….I’m 80 next month and have been a supporter for over half my life. A friend and I have sat together in the same seats in the Main Stand ever since it was built…roughly where we stood prior to that.
    I have the impression that the new season ticket arrangements have been hastily cobbled together without any thought or priority given to supporters, such as myself, who would much prefer to sit where they have always sat. Yes. you can get there ultra early and hope that no-one has beaten you to it….but at my age?
    Any thoughts you have on this matter would be appreciated.

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