The KHIST Members’ Draw

This month’s numbers were drawn at the board meeting on Wednesday, 27th November and for the 2nd month running we’ve recorded a rollover.
1st prize £320.00 – Number 22 – No winner (Rollover to the December draw).
2nd prize – £80.00 – Number 50 – Martin Lewis

Our corporate prize sponsor has been Wombourne Service Ltd


We are now accepting entries for the December draw, when the prize pot will be increased to a minimum of £450.00
£5 entries (with no limit to the number of entries) are usually by standing order, but advance cash/cheque payments will be accepted for a minimum 3 months’ period.
The draw is restricted to Trust members but, any Harriers’ supporter can apply for KHIST membership, with options to join for 1, 5 or 10 years, on completion of an application form and payment of a nominal fee.
Please follow this link to confirm your interest and the number of £5.00 monthly entries you wish to make. A Standing Order Mandate (including the appropriate entry numbers/references) will then be issued for you to complete and send to your bank.
You will be able to choose to pay by cash or cheque, if you so wish. However, If you select that option, we will email you to confirm your entry numbers and it will then be your responsibility to make advance payments (each for a minimum 3 months’ entries), in good time.
Any KHIST board member will be pleased to offer assistance.

Thank you for your support !

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