The Members’ Draw for February

This month’s draw will be held in the Social Club, before Saturday’s match against Guiseley (at approximately 2.00 pm).

The number and values of cash prizes are determined, each month, according to the overall take-up and calculated in accordance with an agreed formula, details of which are available to KHIST members, on request. The prize pot will however, not be less than one third of the takings.

The prize pot, on Saturday, will be £250.00 which according to the rules, will fund;

a 1st prize of £200.00


a 2nd prize of £50.00.


We are already accepting £5.00 entries for the March Draw (with no limit to the number of entries). It’s preferred that these will be by standing order, but advance cash/cheque payments will be accepted for a minimum 3 months’ period. Please speak to a KHIST board member or visit the Trust’s website at for further information.

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