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We have been requested by the ‘Social Club’ to make our members aware that ‘Enville Ale’ is being served as a Guest beer for the next week, or so, replacing the ever popular ‘Wainwrights’.Enville Ale (ABV 4.5%) –

“Based on a 19th Century recipe, this traditional beekeepers’ ale is light in colour with fruity notes and a hint of sweetness to complement the dry hoppy taste”.

Price per pint is £2.82

Regular guest beers can include, amongst others: Wye Valley Butty Bach, Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold, and Jennings’ Cocker Hoop,, all at the same competitive price .

Other popular beers on hand pumps are:

Wye Valley HPA                       @ £ 2.82 per pint

Banks’s Mild                             @ £ 2.52 per pint

Banks’s Amber                         @ £2.67 per pint

Beers on tap include:-

Guinness                                  @ £3.50 per pint

Stella Artois                            @ £2.90 per pint

Fosters                                     @ £3.16 per pint

Thatcher’s Gold Cider            @ £3.32 per pint

N.B. Prices are subject to change.