Today’s winning numbers

As announced yesterday, the delayed Members Draw was made this afternoon, by KHIST board members Chris Wilson, Stuart Walstrom and Dave Lewis.

This month’s lucky winners are:                                                        

                                               1st prize £200.00 – number 055 – Maureen Lewis

                                               2nd prize £ 50.00 – number 082 – Matthew Elmer

                                                3rd prize £ 50.00 – number 061 – Jerry Bartlett


Many thanks to all those who are supporting the Draw, which we hope you agree is a ‘fun’ way for KHIST members to assist the Trust in raising vital funds. The prizes we can offer are regularly reviewed according to the numbers of entries received and every one of our members is invited to take part. We are now accepting new entries for the April draw and beyond.

Please go to the featured post on this home page and follow the links to complete an application form.



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