We are stronger together

Change is happening !
We have yet to find out how new ownership will affect future investment in the club and our football team but, as in the past, there’s a strong likelihood there’ll be an important role for KHIST if the club is to sort out its inherent problems. We’ll need the ongoing backing of many dedicated supporters if we are to be in a position to represent your interests, so we are encouraging those of you who have yet to renew your membership to do so, as soon as possible. If you have not previously been a KHIST member you will be very welcome to join us.
Unfortunately, with no match on Saturday and the postponement of our fixture against Farsley Celtic, we do not now have a home match until 26th October. We’ll have little opportunity in the meantime to speak with current members or potential recruits.. We would usually expect to complete the campaign by the end of October, with a good number of new members but this will now be difficult.
With the importance of establishing an even stronger Trust, we are asking members and intending members to visit our website at www.khist.org.uk , where you can renew or sign up for the first time and make payment of the nominal fee. However, if you should need to speak to a board member, this can be arranged … plesse send an email to admin@khist.org.uk
KHIST has regularly demonstrated its capability to exert influence on behalf of the supporters and, with what currently appears to be uncertainty regarding our club’s immediate future, there ‘s no more important time to show solidarity.
Harriers’ fans are stronger together !