A Personal Message For KHIST Members


You, as a KHIST Member, will appreciate the importance of maintaining lines of communication. This is essential, if we are to ensure that you are kept informed of what the Trust is doing on your behalf, facilitate responses to  your questions and concerns, notify you of functions and activities and, of course, efficiently organise membership renewals. We are, therefore, asking you to make sure that the information we have about you is still correct.
It’s recently become apparent that some contact details retained by the Trust are outdated and, we are asking anyone who has not advised us of changes to do so, as soon as possible. In particular, would you please confirm if your email address has been changed, as email is the Trust’s  preferred method of personal communication, being, efficient, timely and of course, costless.

Over the last day or two, most of our members will have read the KHIST 2020 Lottery Newsletter – October 2014,  but, if you are one of the few who have not received this, the probability is that either we do not have your new email address or, possibly, that we have not been able to read the address you’ve provided ?

Additionally, please be aware that those of you for whom we do not have a correct email address will not have received a password for the ‘members only area’ of the KHIST website and, as this is our prime method of restricted communication, some of you will not be receiving news to which you are entitled. If you have recently confirmed your preferred email address but have not received a new password,  would you also please make a point of getting in touch, so that we can rectify the situation ?

If you do have a password, you can make contact via the website. Otherwise, you can email any KHIST board member (email addresses are shown in “About KHIST” on the website) or you can speak to a board member in person. We can assure you that the information you provide will be kept confidential and, will not be sold or given to any third party, but will be used solely for KHIST purposes.

Alternatively you can contact us via this link click here

Thank you. We shall much appreciate your  co-operation.