KHIST – The Constitution

KHIST is an organisation of enthusiasts who care for the fortunes of Kidderminster
Harriers Football Club.

1) The name of the Society shall be Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters
Society Ltd and shall be called “the Society” in the rest of these rules. Kidderminster
Harriers Football Club is called “the Club” and Wyre Forest is called “the Area”.
2) The Society’s objects are, either itself or through a subsidiary company or society
trading for the benefit of the Community and acting under its control:

i) To strengthen the bonds between the Club and the Community which it serves and
to represent the views of the local community and supporters in the running of the

ii) To represent these views through a democratically elected fans’ representative
elected to the board of directors of any company owning or controlling the Club.

iii) To acquire an interest in the Club or any company owning or controlling the Club in
order to promote the full, accountable, democratic and constructive involvement of
the supporters in the running and future direction of the Club.

iv) To encourage the Club to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and
of the Community it serves in its decisions.

v) To enter into constructive partnership with supporters of the Club, local politicians of
all parties, the players, staff and directors of the Club and other official and
independent supporters’ associations.

vi) To raise funds for purposes to be determined at the sole discretion of the KHIST board, including:-

Administrative costs
The legal protection of the Society’s Constitution and interests
Donations to / investments in the club to be specifically designated for projects intended to promote the aims and interests of the Society, whilst also benefitting the club’s supporters and the local Community.
Retention of savings and investments for the future promotion of the Society’s interests, which may include (a) donations to / investments in the club (as above), (b) efforts to ensure the financial security of the club for future generations or, if that’s not possible (c) to help fund a Phoenix club to ensure the continuation of football in Kidderminster.

Copies of the full Rules are available on request