Another dedicated fan re-joins the board.

We are pleased to confirm yet another well-known returnee to the KHIST board.

Ed Dursley attended our meeting, yesterday evening, when his immediate co-option to the board, was approved. He has already made a positive start, having agreed to get involved with efforts to improve the Trust’s communications with our valued members, and with the community

Ed has been a Harriers’ supporter since 1985 and a Trust member since its formation in 2003. He was one of the KHIST board members in the very early days, when he was our ‘Newsletter Editor’. He was supportive of a most memorable achievement when, back in 2010, the Trust, under the Chairmanship of Steve Millington, was successful in leading the magnificent efforts of the local community (and generous benefactors) to save our club from potential administration and liquidation. He is now a local government officer.

Having “watched over 1000 Harriers matches, through good times and bad”, Ed “cares passionately about KHFC and its long-term sustainability as a club”.

His experience, abilities and obvious commitment to the best interests of our football club, will undoubtedly add strength to the board.

Welcome back Ed !