Fans’ Sponsored walk to Histon – arrival

Congratulations to Dave and Ollie who arrived in Histon just after 5 o’clock this afternoon having covered the 115 miles from Aggborough from where they started at 5.45 a.m on Wednesday.
After completing some 45 miles to Southam on Day 1, and a further 8 miles on Day 2, Rich and Ash were obliged to pull out of the walk. I went to pick them up and both seemed to be suffering from a touch of sunstroke, but they are both recovering rapidly and expect to be at Histon on Saturday morning for the fans’ team match against the Histon fans.
Well done to all four of you, and many thanks to their sponsors, and to those who contributed a total of £232.02 to their bucket collection at the Mansfield game on Tuesday night.