From strength to strength

Members reading the minutes’ summary of our recent board meeting will already be aware that the KHIST board has again been strengthened by the return of a 4th former member, within the course of a few days . Mike Peplow aka ‘Soupy’ has decided that he wants to renew his active support of the Trust, after a break of about 2 years, and has given a personal commitment to that end.

Soupy is well known to the Harriers’ faithful, having been an ardent reds supporter for 22 years. Indeed, during his university years at Aberystwyth, he still managed to travel to every match, both home and away and he’s maintained a good record ever since. He’s also played regularly for the Supporters’ team over the last 13 years, or so.

Many of us will remember Soupy as the guy who helped out with the ground maintenance team, fork in hand on match days for years …. in fact, for 9 years.

He is now employed in the training sector of a large retail organisation

Mike Peplow is recorded as having served for 4 years on the KHIST board, prior to his resignation in 2016 and that, for 2 of those years he was Vice-Chairman. In the interim period, our football club has become much changed, and there have been new challenges for the Trust.

Soupy is really looking forward to getting involved with KHIST, once again, and we, are pleased to welcome him back !