Further investment in the club

The past 12 months has been an extremely challenging time for everyone involved in the football club. This has certainly been so for the board members and supporters of KHIST, who have been committed to protecting the club’s best interests, both on and off the pitch.  Recent, behind the scenes changes, have resulted in noticeable improvements to various aspects of the club’s activities and, significantly, there has been a resurgence of enthusiasm and positivity, not experienced around Aggborough since the well documented failings of the 2013/14 season. The KHIST board is delighted to have been associated with this turnaround and is keen to foster a spirit of mutual co-operation, to assist the new KHFC board in their efforts to take the club forward in a sustainable fashion. Needless to say there’s much work still to be done.

It’s common knowledge that during the recent season, the Aggborough pitch has been unfit for purpose and is in desperate need of further attention to rectify continuing drainage problems. The raising of finance to facilitate the early commencement of this work has been a matter of priority and, as representatives of Harriers’ supporters we have been pleased to accede to a request from the KHFC board to make an advance part-payment of monies, previously committed for payment in August. This £10,000 investment (£5,000 for each of our representatives on the Harriers’ board, which has been matched by each of the other KHFC directors), increases the total sum donated by the Trust in return for shares, during the past 12 months to an incredible £42,000 +.

KHIST activities are conducted, in the main, by a very small group of dedicated individuals and, the successes of the past months have been achieved only with the support of our growing membership. Harriers’ fans will realise what an enormous difference has been made on their behalf. For this progress to continue, however, the Trust will need to raise increased financial support from members’ donations, KHIST activities and the 2020 Lottery.

Will you help us ?

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We now have a club ‘on the up’. Together we can ensure a positive future.