KHFC 0-0 Nuneaton – Vote for your Man of the Match

Harriers needed both a victory and results to go for them elsewhere to continue their play-off hopes. Despite having the lion’s share of posession, Harriers found themselves unable to break down the robust Nuneaton defence to record a 0-0 draw. In any case, a victory would have been meaningless with the results elsewhere going against Harriers; it just wasn’t our day.

If you were at the game, please vote for your Man of the Match using the form below. Remember, all votes go towards the KHIST Player of the Month award so make sure your vote counts!

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Remember, only ONE vote per person per match is allowed (and we do watch the votes for irregularities!!).


About the KHIST Player Of The Month

The KHIST Player Of The Month is chosen by you, the Harriers fans, by voting for your Man Of The Match after every home first team game. At the end of the month, the player with the most votes of the games played that month wins the KHIST Player Of The Month award, which is celebrated by the player being presented a trophy at the next home game.