KHFC AGM – Questions and Answers

KHIST-LogoThe Club’s 59th Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 6th April.

Questions and answers from the meeting are as follows :-


Q. What are your plans to increase income? 

A. The Club has a good relationship with the BMET College. We are looking at options for higher education/university status and a new contract is close to being agreed with BMET. 

Q. There is no breakdown in transfer fees in the accounts. There appears to be a ‘hole’ when a player leaves? 

A. I agree. This was largely down to poor recruitment and the Club will plan more effectively and spend wisely, while continuing to engage more effectively with the community. There will be a reduction in funding of around £50,000 from the National League due to relegation, however there will be an uplift in the Premier League solidarity payment (details not yet known). 

Q. I understand the need for the ‘spine’ of the team but why do we not pass forward? 

A. We follow a process and currently don’t have a target up front. On Saturday (against Altrincham) there were over 400 passes, which is consistent with Premier League standards. The experiment to put Langmead up front did not work and we are competing in games and not being beaten heavily because of our hard work. We won’t get reward if we don’t develop talent. 

Q. When will you appoint a new manager? 

A. There are currently ongoing discussions with three individuals and it is hoped that an appointment will be made by the end of April. 

 Q. What style of play will you adopt? 

A. The anticipated budget is suited to the style in the Conference North and enables the Club to create an appropriate mix of competitive, fitter and stronger players. 

Q. Can you mix full and part time players? 

A. We could and I am not saying no. We may consider it as an option should the right kind of player present themselves, but it would require some flexibility with any part time players undertaking a full training session for a minimum of two days per week. 

Q. Tell me about the Punjab initiative? 

A. There are approximately 125M Punjabs representing 12% of the country’s wealth. This fixture has our costs covered. We have in the past always looked to the same people to generate income. In future we will look wider and try to involve even more people from the community instead of going to the same well over and over again. 

Q. The Club in the past has been beholden to benefactors – What are your views? 

A. This is common in the game and is not sustainable. 

Q. There has been a previous environment of mistrust of the club’s Board by its fans. What are your views on this? 

A. Openness and honesty is key – The Club/Directors have nothing to hide. 

Q. Do we have scouts? 

A. No but they are needed. 

Q. Can accounts be produced in a more meaningful way that the fans will understand? 

A. In the past there have been no cost centres so it has not been possible however this should be possible in future. 

Q. Why is Harriers Player only on subscription? 

A. We do make money from Harriers Player and are committed to communicating with our supporters at all levels and are confident there is a good balance of content on both free and paid platforms to ensure nobody missed out. 

Q. Could the players have a greater profile in the Community for example be present in the town centre on market day? 

A. Good point. We are doing more with personal appearances with schools and the development centres. Profile in the community is included in players’ contracts. 

Q. Why did the Club request that shareholders return their shares? 

A. It was hoped that by shares being returned this would create further investment. I was wrong however and maybe naïve in asking the small shareholders who collectively represent 5% of the total shareholding. It was really the bigger shareholders that we should have been targeting. Those who have returned their shares to the Club will have them sent back to them. 

Q. Why not just issue more shares? 

A. To increase the number of shares issued merely serves to dilute the existing shareholders stakes and the value of the business and we do not feel that this is appropriate. 

Q. Have you set admission prices for next season? 

A. We have agreed to close the South Stand other than for big games. We are close to announcing a revised pricing structure for next season. Supporters travel will be determined on a game to game basis, with the introduction of smaller coaches very likely. However we won’t be continuing with the away travel club – the club stands to lose around £2,000 on away travel this season. 

Q. Are we moving to another location? 

A. Our lease (at Aggborough) is running down and we have approximately 28 years left. The decision to extend/renew is principally driven by the council. The bigger the unexpired term of the lease will always drive a stronger position but at the present time there are no plans to move. 

Q. What are the plans for the Car Park behind the North Stand? 

A. The Club is still negotiating the lease with the council at will look at a number of options for next season. 

Q. What’s the situation with Gary Whild? 

A. Gary’s was a 12-month contract, which was symptomatic of the way things were previously run. The nature of the contract is as such that for 12 months after the date of termination, the employee is entitled to 12 months of payments in lieu of employment and we are honouring those payments.  

Q. Are loan players productive? 

A. It’s a case of needs must. There are no costs for some loan players. 

Q. I’m not happy with the Home strip? 

A. The home strip will feature red and white halves again next season however the back will be red. 

Q. You announced that West Bromwich Albion U21s will play at Aggborough. What else will WBA provide? 

A. We have agreed a pre-season friendly at home with their first team and we will retain all match receipts. WBA will also provide additional support maintaining the pitch to a high standard at no additional cost to the Club. 

Q. Will the new manager be from a higher level? 

A. We hope that the successful candidate possess the appropriate experience and skills at a higher level. 

Q. Have players been approved/vetted by the new manager? 

A. He hasn’t been appointed yet and only some of the existing players have contracts running into next season. 

Q. What will be the makeup of the team? 

A. The budget will determine the makeup but the prospective manager will play a major part in determining the ‘shape’ of the team. It’s unlikely though to be a player/manager.