KHIST 2020 Lottery Success

2020-lottery-featured image

Following the lottery draw on 11th March, it was announced that the total proceeds raised for the benefit of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club has now exceeded the magnificent sum of



This milestone has been achieved in just over 4 years … a fantastic achievement !

Harriers Chairman, Ken Rae has said:-

“I would like to personally acknowledge the fantastic contribution made to Kidderminster Harriers FC by the KHIST lottery. To raise in excess of £100,000 is a superb achievement and I would like to extend my thanks to all connected with KHIST for their tireless fund raising”

The 2020 lottery is KHIST’s flagship fundraising activity and owes its fantastic success to the efforts of numerous dedicated supporters, not least the many fans who have given their time freely to promote the lottery and sell tickets on behalf of the Trust.

Supporters will remember the dark days of 2010, when the Harriers were in serious financial trouble. It was then that urgent action was required to secure a future for KHFC.  On behalf of our members and other supporters,, KHIST sought to raise funding for investment in the club and, so, in January 2011, the 2020 lottery was launched, Substantial prizes were offered to lucky winners and proceeds were donated to the club. More recently, the Trust has received shares in return for investments, thereby increasing supporters influence in the running of the football club.

With the object of growing the lottery to its next level, it was recently decided to organise a re-launch and, with an unprecedented £1000 first prize for the January draw, we introduced supporter/lottery agents for the first time, with considerable success. We are also accepting sponsorship from small companies which, for a reasonable charge (or agreement to sell a minimum number of lottery tickets), can now promote their business (or event) on the reverse side of the tickets.

The KHIST Board is now seeking to maintain this momentum and are appealing for more Harriers’ supporters to help sell lottery tickets in their local areas, for the ultimate benefit of our football club. Those able to commit to selling a minimum of 40x £1 tickets per month, are invited to become an agent, in return for which they will receive an allowance of 15% of the value of tickets sold, to be used against the cost of a KHFC Season Ticket.

It’s so important for the future of our club that our fans continue to support the lottery.  Participants can make payments by standing order, by cheque, by purchasing cash tickets or via the KHIST online shop at