KHIST Members’ Draw – Update

Those who have read the minutes of the KHIST board meeting on 26th June will be aware that the initial response to the proposed introduction of a new draw, has been encouraging. Early responses already indicate sufficient interest for the draw to be organised, with a reasonable prize (or prizes depending on take-up) – suggested, at this early stage, to be one-third of takings with a minimum of £100.

It’s hoped that, when the word gets out to members who have not regularly accessed the website in the close-season, we will be able to confirm having received the support of all those who have been requesting a replacement for the KHIST 2020 Lottery. That was indeed, the unanimous requirement of all those who attended the last Annual General Meeting.

Details of the proposed Draw are featured (for an indefinite period) on the home page of our website and, a web-link has been provided to enable members to confirm their interests and to provide relevant information.

It’s not yet been decided as to when the first draw will take place, as we want to give as many members as possible the opportunity to join in from the start (with a proportionate increase in available prize money). That decision will be made with the minimum of delay. In the meantime, we are asking YOU to support this venture and to ‘spread the word’.

As has always been the case, KHIST has to raise essential funds for potential projects and investments for our founding objective – to ensure the ongoing security of our football club – and we believe this will be a ‘fun’ way for our members to show positive support.