KHIST Monthly Board Meeting September 2012

The meeting was attended by all eight Board members with Steve Millington in the chair.

John Davies, KHIST’s representative on the KHFC Board, reported the outcome of a meeting between the board and Steve Burr and his assistant. The management team were assured that they still enjoyed the full support of the board.

It was also noted that John Davies, on behalf of Hire It, had agreed to part fund the purchase of a set of current KHFC kit for use by all of the KHIST fans teams. It was resolved that under certain conditions, KHIST would also make a contribution.

The Treasurer’s report detailed a stable position.

The Secretary confirmed that following the distribution of the initial AGM notification no new nominations for board membership had been received to date. He went on to table a draft AGM agenda and proposed to circulate a second AGM notification in early October.

Geoff Coles, Membership Secretary, reported that 250 members had now signed up or renewed their memberships for 2012/13 to date.

It was noted that ticket sales for the 2020 Lottery were holding up well and that so far around half of the players who took part in the FA Trophy Replay 25 years ago had agreed to attend the re-run event on 26th September.