KHIST pin badges – new stock

The Trust has been delighted with the popularity of the badges, which were introduced in the Spring as ‘a bit of an experiment’. Since then, we have almost exchanged our entire stock of 100 badges, in return for donations, some of which have been more than generous. We are most grateful to members and badge collectors for their support, which has enabled us to generate some much needed funds. We have been surprised with the popularity of these badges, which are now being worn by Harriers supporters who are also proud to be Trust members.

Orders are now being taken for these quality metal pin badges showing the KHIST logo and, with stocks now depleted, the board has taken the decision to  replace the entire, initial purchase, being confident that we can attract potential donors and, at a later date, make these available from the KHIST Online Shop. An order has now been placed with the manufacturers and, hopefully, it will not take too long for the new stock to be delivered as we’ll be expecting requests from potential donors,  during the current renewals campaign . 

To reserve your badge(s), you can (a) send an email to, (b) visit one of our KHIST tables on a home matchday or (c) ask a KHIST board member. We’re asking for donations, with a suggested minimum of £3.00 per badge (+p&p as required).

We intend to have a stock available for sale from our online shop once the immediate demand has been satisfied and it’s intended to set the ‘price’ for online sales at £5 per badge (incl. charges). Any member then wishing to make an additional donation will be able to do so, via the ‘donate’ button.

Many thanks for your Support !