KHIST Statement

Yesterday (Thursday 9th December) representatives of KHIST met with board members of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club to discuss recent developments and what the future holds.

The Club released a statement on the 1st November stating the financial situation at the club showed anticipated yearly losses of £350,000 and debts of over £250,000. This obviously came as a huge surprise to most supporters and since then KHIST have been working closely with the Club in many ways.

Despite a tremendous amount of hard work our football club still has major financial hurdles to overcome. To survive the club needs £150,000 before the end of the month and a further £50,000 by the end of January. Although costs are being looked at so that the club is run in a sound financial manner going forward, let’s make no bones about it, without an immediate large cash injection the future of the club is uncertain.

Basically we need anyone who can pledge amounts of £100 (or more preferably) NOW to come forward and contact Steve Millington by email to or on 07732 333573.

KHIST will continue to monitor developments and will react to any further news accordingly. We are assessing all avenues that may be open to us and will continue to help the Club where possible.

David Pountney – KHIST Acting Chairman

Steve Millington – KHIST Treasurer