Kiddy Fans 7 v 3 Shots Fans

It was a gloriously sunny Saturday morning as the fans team awaited the arrival of Aldershot fans, and waited, and waited…… was eventually closer to midday by the time the opposition had found their way to Kidderminster, expertly guided in by Dave Poutney, relishing his new role as fans team manager.

Due to the late kick off, and the fact that Tottenham were on TV, Kiddy fans lost 3 players prior to kick off, with Greavesy, Ben and Liam all opting to watch Spurs embarass themselves with a 1-0 defeat against Sunderland. Therefore, the team for Harriers was rotated throughout the match, from the following squad:

1) Dave “David James” Ackers

2) Wayne “The Grandad” Allen

3) Mike “Soupy” Peplow

4) Adam “The Mexican” Smith

5) Ian “The Head” Danby

6) Mark “Sparker” Smith

7) Dave “Keep out the goalmouths” Williams

8) Pete “The Daddy” Lewis

9) Ollie “Spennells” Sewell

10) Tom “Ipswich” Sharland

11) Mike “Wee Jimmy” Cooper

12) Dave “The gaffer” Poutney

13) Sam “The PA” Flory

14) Greg “Son of Urban” Bell

Overall, Harriers pretty much dominated the match although the Shots did play some good stuff at times. The threat from Harriers mainly came from Ollie Sewell and Tom Sharland who combined with some good link up play and utilised their pace and fitness to good effect. Goals for Harriers came from:

Ollie Sewell 3

Tom Sharland 2

Pete Lewis 1

Ian Danby 1 ( a header in the same mould as Creighton’s later on in the afternoon)

Shots goals were all gifts. The first being from a dodgy back-pass from Adam Smith, the second being a mix-up between Soupy and Ackers, and the third being an own goal from Adam Smith. A class performance from Smith nonetheless…….

Man of the match was awarded to Ollie Sewell, with rumours abound that Williams approached him to sign for the mighty Harriers Trust after the match.

The fans army march on to Grays for the 18th August away fixture. Mini bus leaves Jacksons public house at 7am, Aggborough at 7.10am and costs £11 per person. Please email Dave Poutney to reserve your place at