Lost your password?

We have recently received reports that a small minority of members have mislaid their personal passwords and have been unable to read important messages in the access restricted, ‘members only area’ of this website. We do receive very worthwhile responses to our regular postings, so we are confident that most members are able to receive these. It’s most important however that we are able to communicate with all our valued members and for them to be able to express their views, concerns, suggestions etc. We would ask all members to be aware, therefore, that if you’ve forgotten your password you can have this reset by simply going to the members’ only area, entering the email address you provided when registering your membership and scrolling down to find this:

Forgot password? Click here to reset

If you should then have an ongoing problem, you can contact a KHIST board member (identified at “about KHIST/the KHIST board” in this website) who will offer assistance.

Our board members are always pleased to discuss any particular matters of interest you may wish to raise and, you can communicate either directly with them or via: