Lottery tickets and Memberships

We are delighted to be able to inform our members that, despite recent restrictions on our ability to promote our annual membership drive and the KHIST 2020 Lottery, both are continuing to attract good support.

Whilst we have had difficulties in contacting some of our existing members, the Trust has signed up a large number of new recruits in recent weeks and that’s a continuing process. We are asking those members who have yet to renew for 2017/18 to get in touch with us, either personally or via the KHIST website … every one of you is important.

We are most grateful for some generous donations recently received with renewal applications.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve been unable to sell lottery tickets inside our football ground over the past few weeks. We have, however, been delighted with the response we’ve had from the many Harriers’ fans who have continued to support the KHIST lottery. This remains strong in the local community. We will continue to engage with supporters, as best we can.

Our next two matches are away at Newcastle Benfield and Bradford PA and these will definitely be attended by KHIST board members, Dave Williams and Ian Nash, who will try to make themselves available.