Mark Serrell answers KHIST members questions

KHIST representatives recently met with members of the KHFC board and submitted a range of questions and ideas from its members. Chairman Mark Serrell gives his response below.

We’d urge any supporter with any ideas or questions to please contact KHIST at or 07872 915886 and we will raise them directly with the club and report back with feedback. The club are also holding a free fans forum on Thursday 27th January.


Thank you very much for forwarding me questions for the KHFC Board from KHIST members, I apologise for my tardiness in replying but I know you appreciate how busy things have been at the Club over the past couple of months.  I would like to stress that as a Board we very much appreciate all of the hard work and support we receive from KHIST members and want to work in partnership with you as we move forward to strengthen the Club.

We are in the process of setting up a fundraising group with the first meeting arranged for Monday 17th January and I aim to raise some of the good ideas your members have put forward for consideration at this meeting.

In specific response to some of the questions;

  • Use of Aggborough Suite on Match Days

If the hospitality facilities are being fully used we only allow executive season ticket holders and corporate guests to use the Aggborough Suite facility. However, when the facility is being underused the decision is made to allow people from the main stand to use the bar to help increase revenue.  The decision is made on a match by match basis by the Commercial Manager, Helen MacDonald who liaises with the stewards.

  • Season ticket holders

We have 551 season ticket holders and 11 half season ticket holders.

  • Closing the south stand

After consultation with the stewards we are advised that if we put the main bulk of supporters in the seated area they are likely to stand throughout the game which contravenes the football stadia regulations.  We have explored the costs of closing the stand and the cost savings have only been estimated at £48 per game, so after consideration the Board have concluded it is safer to keep the whole stadium open.

  • Ticket Prices

We welcome the various suggestions about ticket prices which will be discussed by the fundraising group.  Proposals with regards season tickets will also be discussed.

  • Freebie tickets on the away coach

The practice of complementary tickets being given away for nothing has been stopped.  Dave Colwell is now responsible for distributing any complementary tickets to those people who have offered their time and services to the football club free of charge.

  • KHIST Fund raising money to pay current directors/chairman

As you are all aware Dave Reynolds and I injected urgent funds of £93k in October to prevent immediate closure of the Club, we have both continued over the last few months to put more money into the club which is unsustainable.  Due to the precarious financial position of KHFC when we joined in October, we were advised by our accountants to give the money as a loan, neither of us are taking repayments against these loans and at this point are not even considering it.  We are working tirelessly to make the Club financially viable and living to its means and all support in this is much appreciated.

  • Fundraising at West Brom

I will ask the new fundraising group to consider this suggestion.

  • Potential Investors

We are working extremely hard to attract new Investors into the Club.  We have no firm offers of investment at present but we are working extremely hard to try and attract new funds.

  • Approach from other Clubs for KHFC players

Currently we have not received any offers for our players and any decision regarding sales of players will be made in full consultation with the manager.

  • Target local schools

We have already started to work with schools in the local area; it is our intention to expand this work with the football manager and players at KHFC.

  • How will KHIST money be used

Due to the precarious financial situation at KHFC all funds received will be used by the Club to help with its survival.  Next season it is our intention to allow the funds raised by KHIST to be allocated to increase the playing budget.

A Supporters forum has been arranged for 27th January 2011 where we aim to update everyone of our current position.

Once again thank you for all your time, effort and support.

Kind regards,

Mark Serrell – Chairman KHFC

Photo © Stefan Rapacz