Minutes Summary from January 2013 KHIST Board Meeting

The meeting was attended by eight Board members, with Steve Millington was in the chair. Ian Hill and Adrian Sewell had sent their apologies.

John Davies, KHIST’s representative on the KHFC Board, reported on discussions at the December Club Board meeting when contract negotiations with Jamille Matt and Josh Gowling had been discussed. There had also been a review of customer services and marketing within KHFC and of deficiencies in the public address system.

The Treasurer’s report detailed a stable position after further monthly donations of £2,000 to the Club. Steve Millington again highlighted the contribution being made via Easy Fundraising. There had been a significant rise in earnings from this source over the Christmas period and the scheme was now being supported by 22 members.

The Secretary confirmed that the Lottery licence for 2013 had been received and Geoff Coles reported that KHIST membership for 2012/13 had now risen to 417.

Dave Williams reported that overall sales for the 2020 Lottery had reached £3,245 for January, a new record for the scheme, and that the lottery booth was working well outside the Club Shop. John Davies confirmed that a second booth would soon be available to be sited in the Hire-It Stand area and it was noted that a banner parade around the stadium on New Years Day had highlighted total Lottery receipts to date of £50,000.

John Wagstaff, Geoff Coles and John Davies confirmed that arrangements for the Pro-Darts event with Terry Jenkins on 28th February were well in hand and Steve Millington highlighted a number of events being organised be the Friends of the Harriers including a Norman Whiteside Evening and further Murder Mystery and Boxing Nights.