Minutes Summary from January 2015 Board Meeting

Eight board members were present at the meeting including Stuart Walstrom, who was welcomed as a newly co-opted member. Ian Hill and Dave Williams had sent their apologies and Rob Lloyd was also in attendance.

Dave Mole, as Membership Secretary, confirmed that 419 members had now signed up for the 2014/15 season and that, in future, Adi Harper would be notified of all new members to ensure them access to the ‘Members Only’ section of the KHIST website. Leighton Picket, the KHIST Treasurer, then provided details of the Trust’s current stable financial position and confirmed that a further £2,000 had been donated to KHFC in exchange for shares.

It was agreed that the Forth Anniversary 2020 Lottery event had been a great success and that Dave Williams and Dave Pountney were to be congratulated. It was noted that special thanks were also due to Stuart Walstrom and Wombourne Services Ltd. for their £500 donation to support this event. It was confirmed that 15 agents had signed up so far to sell lottery tickets on commission and they had sold a total of 940 for the January draw.

Geoff Coles was delighted to confirm that Dave Williams had now been accepted as the second KHIST representative on the KHFC Board. He agreed that the state of the pitch remained of considerable concern and that he would be making further enquiries to try to establish responsibility for this situation.

It was noted that the online shop was now up and running and had taken £60 in lottery ticket sales in the past month. Further news include the use of £127 of KHIST funds for the purchase of a new sound mixer for the ground public address system and an agreement to provide £100 sponsorship for the Race Night to be held in March in aid of the Childrens Society.