On behalf of the Kidderminster Foodbank and the KHIST board, we would like to express our appreciation of the  assistance we’ve had from KHFC with the promotion of this year’s KHIST Christmas Food Appeal. Supporters will have noticed our message in the programme for the York City match and, more recently on the club’s website.

Having previously been involved in discussions with the club,  regarding plans to increase  attendances at Harriers’ matches, we were very pleased to give our support in promoting the resulting  concessions for the Chorley match. These, you’ll remember, proved to be very successful in attracting well over 2000 noisy fans to Aggborough – mostly in support of the Harriers.

That the relationship between the Trust and the club has had its problems is no secret but, the fact that we can co-operate in this way has been a very satisfactory development which we now hope to foster. That’s not to say that all problems are now sorted. We do still have fundamental differences which we will need to  resolve. However, this very welcome, reciprocal improvement in relations between the club and the Trust can be nothing less than a positive development.