Steve Burr and players join KHIST – Have You?

It’s that time of year when the Kidderminster Harriers’ Independent Supporters Trust are looking for members to once again renew their commitment to the cause.

Hundreds from up and down the country paid just £1 to become Trust members over the course of the last 12 months, a year in which so much was done to help Kidderminster Harriers in its most troubling period.

With assistance both financial and in terms of manpower, KHIST members and Harriers supporters rallied as one for the common cause – even boss Steve Burr, his management team and playing staff signed up as members.

Whilst the Club is now moving in the right direction, that hard work must continue and so Burr and co. have been amongst the first to re-register for the first membership here – the boss pictured here with KHIST board members, Harriers Directors and player Dave Hankin. (courtesy of Stefan Rapacz).

Burr commented: “Our fans always give us fantastic support and what they’ve done in the last year especially has been brilliant – KHIST obviously played a really big part in that.

“If we can set a bit of an example by renewing our memberships then that’s great – hopefully everybody else will follow suit.”

KHIST chairman Dave Pountney added “We are delighted that the KHFC board, playing squad and staff have decided to re-join KHIST and further strengthen their links with supporters. We are committed to working closely with the club and continue working hard to represent supporter’s views at our club”

Interested in renewing your membership or becoming a member for the first time? You can join online now HERE or at an upcoming home game.